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girls ~ boys ~ glitter ~ toys ~ sex ~ booze ~ jewellery ~ shoes ~ big tits ~ small tits ~ pussy ~ dick ~ someone who really knows how to lick ~ porn ~ piercings ~ kissing ~ lip gloss ~ when you let me be the boss ~ tying up ~ leather bra ~ this bitch is who i are

i may as well be bordering on nympho, i love getting naked, and seeing girls in their underwear, nothing is sexier than confidence, my favourite memories are ones that people have to tell me about the next day, dancing is a love, especially when i'm drunk, i need to have sex to live, i honestly might die without it, i love tongue piercings, when they're inside me ;)

so hot maaannn c:

so hot maaannn c:

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i had her pinned to the bed with her arms above her head, she grinned at me and i so wanted to just run my tongue all over her body. That’s when i awoke from my day-dream. There she was, still lying in my bed, in a t-shirt and underwear, just like me. i knew she was into girls too, maybe not as much as she liked boys, but hopefully enough that i could coax her out of her incredibly tight panties.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" i asked cautiously.

She turned over to face me. “Kind of, have you?”

"How do you kind of kiss a girl? and yeah, i most definately have."

"Well, i have, but it was really tame."

"I don’t mean a kiss hello."

"No i know! It was a kiss kiss, just not .. intense."

"Well show me," i said hopefully.

She leaned in and gently parted her lips over mine, it took all of my will power not to take it further.

"Okay, well, that was, that was okay as a kiss, not usually what one considers as a kiss kiss, but a kiss nonetheless." i said, trying to calm myself.

"Well show me what your kiss was like." Baby i’m dying to.

"Oh i probaly shouldn’t, it was far more intense."

"I don’t mind, try me."

actually really horny, c:

ask me anything bitches ;)

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